Annapurna Finance is not associated with any third-party application for any sort of loan provision or collection. Be aware of such fraudulent schemes using Annapurna Finance’s identity.

Social Performance

Annapurna Finance has its roots in a development focussed NGO, with the purpose of making an impact on people’s lives, and creating sustainable institutions. Hence, Annapurna Finance understands the importance of social development along with financial development and for the same reason the organization has social performance management inculcated in it since its inception. In order to sustain its commitment towards sustainable growth and impact, the organization has a dedicated Social Performance Management Department. From the philosophy of practicing responsible business, Annapurna Finance follows the triple bottom line concept, with focus on responsible finance, social performance, and environmental impact.

Annapurna Finance conducts its work in socially responsible, ethical and transparent manner to demonstrate commitment and respect towards all stakeholders including clients, employees, and their family. Its mission and vision is aligned towards social and financial development of communities, while being environmentally conscious in its operational activities. The SPM policy is consistent with the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles, the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management by the Social Performance Task Force and Reporting on Social Performance as defined by the Microfinance Information Exchange. Gender sensitization and mainstreaming has also been adopted, where besides developing a Gender Policy with the help of the industry experts, organization has also mandated gender training for all the employees to create a sensitive workplace. The commitment for a gender friendly workplace is in the culture of the organization. Annapurna Finance tries to ensure better comfort at office by designing gender sensitive facilities.