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Smt. Jatnamani Naik

Smt. Jatnamani Naik, a resident of Janardan village in Keonjhar, is an inspiring example of how access to finance can empower individuals to pursue their dreams. Smt. Jatnamani always wanted to have her own business, but due to financial constraints, she could not start one. After getting married and stepping into a new family, she had many responsibilities to take care of, and her dream seemed to be slipping away. One day, while discussing her idea of starting a business with her husband, he suggested taking a loan from Annapurna Finance. He had heard of a satisfied customer who had previously taken a loan from them. Smt. Jatnamani decided to give it a try and took her first loan of Rs. 20,000 in 2016. With this loan, she started her incense stick business in a rented house, and utilized a portion of the money to purchase a small manufacturing unit and raw materials. They started selling the products to wholesalers and in nearby local areas. Although they started getting good responses from the market, they faced challenges due to improper storage facilities. As a result, Smt. Jatnamani applied for another loan amount of Rs. 35,000 in 2018 and invested in infrastructure and building up space for the storage of the products. They gradually started getting better responses from the market and even decided to start their own brand “Gangotri.” They invested in premium packaging and added different varieties of fragrances to the products, making them more appealing to consumers. With the product becoming quite popular in the market and people demanding it due to its good quality and long-lasting fragrance, Smt. Jatnamani decided to gradually increase manufacturing and opted for another loan amount of Rs. 40,000. They expanded their market to the entire Keonjhar region, and Smt. Jatnamani says that the continuous support of Annapurna Finance staff helped her to take her business forward. Smt. Jatnamani’s hard work and determination paid off as her brand “Gangotri” became a household name in the region. Her success not only supported her family financially but also enabled her daughter to receive a quality education. Smt. Jatnamani is proud of her achievements, saying that she has fulfilled her purpose of reaching God by selling incense sticks to her customers. Smt. Jatnamani’s story highlights the importance of access to finance and how it can empower individuals to achieve their dreams. Annapurna Finance played a significant role in enabling Smt. Jatnamani’s journey, providing her with loans and guidance throughout her journey. The continuous support of the staff during the loan disbursement process and their understanding of the product features made her journey in Annapurna beautiful. The case study of Smt. Jatnamani Naik is an inspiring example of how financial inclusion can help people realize their dreams. With access to finance and the right support, individuals can create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. Annapurna Finance’s commitment to supporting individuals like Smt. Jatnamani highlights the importance of inclusive financial services in promoting economic development and prosperity in rural areas.