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Kuni Swain

Kuni Swain belongs to Maa Santoshi group of Balipatna, Odisha. She has been an avid customer of Annapurna Finance. Her association with the company has been for a few years now, as she is a third cycle client of the company.

It was quite a common practice for the inhabitants of Balipatna to defecate in open, majorly because of lack of awareness of the ills associated with open defecation. However, Kuni began to realize it when her children weren’t keeping well and were suffering from various infections.

During one of the sensitization camps organized by Annapurna Finance, Kuni learned the importance of having a toilet, this made her decision to construct a toilet more firm. Without any further delay, she applied for the SWASTH Loan provided by Annapurna Finance and received a loan of INR 15000 for constructing a new toilet at her home. Annapurna Finance assisted her in constructing a toilet and thereby in helping her family to lead a healthy life.

She was adamant at refusing to defecate in open, and Annapurna Finance backed her decision with the financial support that she needed.