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Kaushalya Nayak

Kausalya belongs from Rajpur village in Begunia branch. A 3rd cycle client of Annapurna Finance, Kausalya lost her husband 7 years ago. For supporting her family, she used the training she received few years back from government on weaving handloom clothes and started her small entrepreneurial venture. Initially she received Samarth loan from Annapurna Finance and used itto buy raw materials for business. Her business helped her financially to support her two sons for their education, manage her household needs and provide for the medical needs of her ailing mother in law. But non-financially it has increased her reputation among the society and she has become an example to the coming generation. Now, her elder son is doing her graduation and younger son is studying in 10th standard. Both of them help their mother in business. In 2nd cycle she got a loan of INR. 40000 and increased buying of raw material, that influenced her level of production as well. Currently she makes 50 sarees in a month and sells them to the retailer who comes to her house. For each saree, she gets INR. 700 to 800 depending on the complexity of design and material quality. She wishes to buy an electric handloom that can further improve the speed and quantity of production. Recently she has received a 70000 Rs. loan which she plans to invest in buying a better machine. Her loyalty to Annapurna Finance and good repayment history has made her eligible for Pratham loan, a loan designed only for the loyal customers, as well.