In regards with the COVID-19 outbreak, RBI has given the options to the clients to avail a moratorium period of six months (1st March to 31st August, 2020) to repay the EMIs of their loans. Annapurna Finance is with you. Please let us know whether you want to avail the Moratorium or not by filling the below form. If you want to avail the moratorium, click on the Yes box. If you don’t want to avail the moratorium, click on the No box and you can repay as per your current repayment schedule. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

(NB: In case I wish to avail of the EMI deferment facility, I have understood the details and I agree to pay the additional EMIs that may be required as a result of deferment. I also agree to give my consent for my NACH/mode of repayment to be extended accordingly. I also agree to other applicable terms and conditions.)